Wait... Forever 21!?

November 21, 2017

I am all about cozy clothes that still look cute... I have been eyeing faux shearling  jackets at various stores and was going to drop some money on one I was interested in online. When I walked into Forever 21 the other day, I was not expecting to find a faux shearling  jacket that closely resembled the expensive one I was about to purchase online. I was very excited because I feel like it is difficult to find this style jacket anywhere. Forever 21!? I was impressed. 


My usual Forever 21 experiences consist of me finding something super cute, then turning it around and BAM, there's a pizza embroidered on the back, or maybe even some awful saying like, "Fries before guys" - typical Forever 21 move.


Much to my surprise Forever right now has some items I was going to buy from other shops. They have an awesome collection of sweaters, high neck tops, and outerwear.

I walked out with this vest and faux shearling  jacket, and was then able to make both work interchangeably with this outfit. Paired with high-waisted jeans and a simple black top, both jackets complete the look. It is awesome how just switching your layered piece can completely change the outfit's feel.










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