My Current Self Tan Routine

June 12, 2017

Summer is here!


That means shorts, tanks, get the picture. We all wanna have that bronzey look this season, sooo I am going to tell you guys how I make it happen for myself!


If you're like me you cringe at the idea of premature aging. Which finds us in that category looking to other ways to bronze up besides harsh UV lights. What other way is that? Self tanning of course! 


I have been self tanning for years and have done a ton of research on ingredients to look for in a self tanner. What I have learned is a great self tanner contains a high percent of DHA. DHA is the ingredient that produces that rich brown color. Professional spray tans contain high amounts of DHA which is why they produce such natural looks rather than that orangey obvious self tan look. Speaking of that orangey color, another ingredient I look for is erythrulose, which combats that orange color coming through. So the combination of these two ingredients is amazing for producing a natural deep tan. So what product did I find contained a substantial amount of these two ingredients? Loving Tan Ultra Dark Mousse. 





No parabens, no alcohol, AND 13% organic DHA. What more out of a self tanner could you ask for? That is why Loving Tan is my favorite product to use right now. The mousse is $39.95, which might seem like a lot. However, if you think about how many uses you get, not to mention the professional looking results.. worth it. Other great self tanners such as St. Tropez are similar in pricing because of the ingredients the more natural tanners contain.


DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated/collaborating with Loving Tan. I wanted to mention this to clarify this is not an ad, I just really love this product and wanna talk about it!


Now I am going to tell you guys how I actually apply the self tan. I apply the mousse twice a week during the summer which isn't necessary, but I like maintaining the tan all the time.


So this is my self tan routine! 


Tan Prep


Shower time! Exfoliate, cleanse, and shave! Trust me shaving your legs will make the tan be way easier to apply and look ten times better. After I shower I immediately moisturize everywhere with a light body lotion. Try to really make sure you get spots such as your elbows, knees, ankles. Those spots can be tricky because they can take the tan differently than other areas, moisturizing will combat that being an issue.




After moisturizing I like to wait an hour or two before actually applying the tanner. Now I use the mitt, which in my opinion is crucial to eliminate any chances of streaks and mess. I highly suggest purchasing a mitt for application. I apply focusing on different sections of my body at a time. Pump the mousse onto your mitt and (in good lighting and in front of a mirror) apply in circular motions. It is really important to apply in front of a mirror to make sure you aren't leaving streaks or areas without tan! After application I usually sit around in my robe for a little before putting on pajamas and heading to bed. Keeping the self tan on for 8 hours produces the deepest shade & best results. That is why I apply the tan on right before bed to sleep in it. So smart, I know. Warning: Be careful if you have white sheets!


8 Hours Later - Results


When I wake up I shower off the self tan, and right after showering I moisturize again! And ta-da! I have a natural olivey tan. It's seriously the best having a fresh tan and color. The moisturizing step is crucial for your tan to last longer and sit right. 


Now this tan will last a couple days. It all really depends on how much you shower and if you moisturize each day. For my face sometimes if I am feeling crazy I will put on the self tanner directly on my face. However, lately I have been loving the James Read Sleep Mask Tan. The mask contains ingredients that moisturize and soothe while giviing you that glow! It is super subtle and it lessens the chances of breaking out. Nothing is better than waking up and being bronzed.




Now I know I talked just about the Loving Tan mousse in this post. I just want to quickly add in how much I love St. Tropez tanning products. St. Tropez products never cease to make me happy from the mousses to the lotions, even the shower tanner- love it all. St. Tropez also produces that same olivey/brown tan! I am currently using Loving Tan right now thought, so I wanted to focus on one product without getting too crazy.



YAY, so that wraps up my self tanning routine. I hope you learned a little more about self tanning and ingredients to look for!



Happy self tanning!


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