My DIY Clothing Rack

May 7, 2017


Pinterest DIY’s have always intrigued me, but I have always been timid to try the heftier, larger DIY ideas. If you are like me, you love doing new things to your room and decorating it to your own style. The industrial chic style is in right now and I have seen DIY clothing racks left and right scrolling through Pinterest and different articles.  One day, I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to take on this DIY clothing rack myself. Here is my surprisingly successful DIY clothing rack story. Through telling my story I will give some tips on how to execute this DIY! Here is a DIY told by a not- so-crafty pinner herself.


After gathering all of the different DIY pins of how to create a clothing rack I felt prepared to gather my supplies. Here’s what I found on “A Week From Thursday” blog post titled, “DIY Garment Rack”.


3 Galvanized Pipes ¾ in x 60 in, threaded at both ends

4 Galvanized Steel Nipples size ¾ in x 10 in

6 Galvanized Steel Elbows ¾ in, female

2 Galvanized Steel Tees ¾ in, female


It was a bit hard asking the Home Depot employee for “steel nipples” with a straight face, but somehow I managed. I recommend asking an employee to help you find all the materials. I attempted to on my own which was kind of a fail. When I asked help to find the pipes I discovered you actually have to get them cut to 60 inches, because they do not come in that size. It didn’t take too long for the employee to cut all three pipes


Now the DIY didn’t call for spray paint or any type of paint for the clothing rack. My room is gold themed so I decided to purchase gold spray paint, I found that Home Depot offers several colors to choose from. After collecting all the units to the clothing rack I checked out and headed home to get started.


I laid out all my supplies in my garage on top of card board boxes. I decided to paint each of the pieces first, before assembling them. This step will require patience because the paint takes a bit to dry fully.



After the paint dried, I pulled out the DIY step by step on Pinterest and found the rest to be quite simple. You simply twist each of the pieces together, first creating the base, then you add on the pipes.


After it was all assembled I decided to touch up on the paint with one more layer. I was honestly quite shocked with how amazing the clothing rack turned out. It is now one of my favorite parts of my room where I can display my favorite outfits. Whenever people ask me where I bought it I get a kick out of telling people I made it myself.


Now, if you aren’t the craftiest person like me don’t be scared to try a DIY project like this. Gather the supplies, follow directions, and enjoy doing it yourself!


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